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Beginning Fall 2009 my course web pages will be on Moodle. Click here to log in.
Useful links for completing philosophy research assignments.

Past courses I've taught: Intro, Intro Ethics, Epistemology, War & Terrorism, 17th & 18th Century Philosophy, etc.

Research and biographics.
Research. I'm interested in Early Modern, Political Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, and Ethics. My main focus is the work of Thomas Hobbes. I'm especially interested in his account of how disorder arises and how best to deal with it. It's inherently interesting, and has applications to other areas of political theory/political science as well as real-world issues like the US occupation of Iraq. Here is a page with abstracts and links to some samples of my work.
General biographical info. Hi-howyadoin'-get-to-know-you stuff. Like, did you know that for a couple of years I was the announcer for Porsche's TV commercials?

Reaching me.
E-mail is best. Send it to jeremyanderson, depauw dot edu (replace ", " with the "at" sign). I check my e-mail often.

Mail. My office address is:
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